With the winter months quickly approaching, there are many changes that come along with the season not just for us, but for our furry friends too. The temperatures changing drastically, the snow on the ground making, lack of sunlight, etc., take just as much of a toll on them. Check out our tips to make this winter bearable for your dog.

Cozy Bedding  

Creating a warm bed for your dog to sleep in this winter is essential. Floors can get quite cold in the winter time, especially if you have ceramic or porcelain tile floors. Make an elevated bed, with warm blankets and pillows. You can even buy a heated, elevated pet bed to get them off the hard floor. Place it in a warm spot away from drafts near the door or windows, preferably on a carpeted surface.

Get Some Sunshine

Try to take your dog for a walk in the late morning or early afternoon, if possible. Avoid early morning walks or late evening strolls, as this is typically the coldest part of the day. Let them get some sunshine and playtime after being cooped up in the house.

Keep Dog Away From Heat Sources

Just as we do, dogs tend to gravitate towards heat in the cold winter weather. Be careful of space heaters and fireplaces, as they can burn your dog if they come in contact. Never leave your pet alone near a fireplace, even if there’s a glass or mesh door. Pets can still get injured.  

Don’t Overfeed

You’re probably not getting as much exercise this winter, and neither is your dog! (Unless of course, they’re a snow dog!) In the summer, we’re constantly taking our dogs out for walks, playtime, etc. However, in the winter when daylight dwindles and temperatures become unbearable, your dog is probably getting minimal exercise. For this reason, you should adjust how much they’re consuming, as they’ll need less food to maintain their healthy weight.

Paw Care

We’re not the only ones that get dry, cracked skin in the cold weather; Your dog’s paw pads take their fair share of wear and tear in the winter. They can suffer from cracked, dry pads. The salt on the ground can also burn their pads, so you should always rinse or wipe your dog’s paw pads to remove the salt. You can also consider using dog booties to protect his paws.

These are just a few tips to keep your dog safe and healthy this winter. Check out some of our other tips on keeping your dog warm all winter!

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