When checking your list to see who’s been naughty and nice this year… We hope your furry friend falls on the nice side of the list! While shopping for your dog should be fairly easy, it can be tricky to find something creative when he’s already spoiled with toys and treats! If you’re struggling with what to leave under the tree for your furry friend, here’s some of our favorite unique ideas that we think you, and your dog will love.

Stuffingless Toy

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? If so, you might be sick of buying him plush toys that he rips open, just for you to clean up the stuffing all over the house. No-stuffing toys are a great alternative. They are double-stitched for durability, yet light and freely moving which your dog will love. They’re easy to play fetch, with or use as a tug toy. And when they start to get dirty or smell, throw them right in the washer machine to be good as new again!


This interactive toy is an easy way to get your dog some exercise, and food at the same time!  All you have to do is fill it up and show your dog how to roll it around to dispense the food. The opening can be adjusted, allowing you to change the level of difficulty for your dog. The Bob-A-Lot can fit up to 3 cups of food, which should keep your dog busy for a bit!

Interactive Dog Ball

The FurryFido ball is another treat dispensing toy that allows your dog to simultaneously get some exercise. This can be thrown and fetched like any other toy, or just chewed on until they find the treats hidden inside. When the ball is chewed or rolled, the treats roll around inside and eventually fall out. This toy is a durable, safe rubber for your dog to chew on. Your dog will be getting physical and mental exercise, all while enjoying his favorite treats!

Dog Training Classes

If your dog has endless toys and treats, get him something that will benefit you both all year long… Training classes at Canine College! Whether your dog would do better in group classes or private sessions, we offer a variety of options that will help your dog correct some problem behaviors. Give us a call today at 781-767-3908 to learn more, or fill out an online form today!

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