The holiday season is one most of us look forward to – from the parties to the travel to the gifts, the holidays are full of excitement. For a dog, though, the holidays can be nerve-wracking. Lots of sudden movement, changes in eating and sleep schedule, and new people and smells can overwhelm pets that don’t know what’s going on. As you get ready for the festivities, don’t forget that Fido could do with a bit of help himself. Here are a few tips to prepare your dog for the holidays.

Find a Sitter or Kennel

If it’s not feasible to bring your pet along on your holiday travels, take the time to look into a great pet sitter or kennel. Professional pet sitters can be hired to feed and walk your dog during the day and even stay overnight if needed. Kennels might be more expensive, but they’ll have 24/7 access to your pet, and you can be assured that employees are experienced in taking care of all sorts of pets.

Make Travel Easy

If your furry friend is joining you on your holiday travels, make it easy on them by planning ahead. A holiday road trip to visit family can be fun, but make sure your dog is ready for it. If your pup isn’t comfortable in the car, take the time to train him well before the trip. Get him used to being in the car for short drives first. When you do head out on the trip, bring along toys, treats, or any vet-recommended motion sickness medication to ensure an anxiety-free ride.

Give Him a Safe Space

Sometimes the excitement of a party can be overwhelming for dogs. There are many new people, foods, and activities that might cause your dog some distress if he isn’t used to this kind of atmosphere. Let your dog have a break and create a cozy space all of his own that he can go to when there is too much going on. If he is crate trained, stock up his crate with a favorite toy or chewy treat. If not, give him a room on his own that stays closed to visitors so he can have some quiet time to himself.

Contact Canine College

Preparing your dog for the upcoming holiday events might seem like a challenge, but following the above tips will help ensure that both you and your dog are ready to take on the festivities. If you need some pre-holiday assistance with training or minimizing anxiety, get in touch with Canine College for expert dog training programs and advice. We also offer dog boarding at our facility in Holbrook MA. Fill out an online form or give us a call at 781-767-3908!

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