Breed handling is a type of show dog style that involves showing your dog in front of a panel of judges while working your way around a ring. Other competitors whose dogs fall under the same class as your own will also be working their way around the ring. The judges will then choose which dogs they believe have exhibited the perfect example of what the breed is all about; this includes appearance, proper stance and gait, expression and other traits.

Breed Handling Training at Canine College

At Canine College, you and your dog will work on how to look and act presentable while in the show ring. We’ll work with you in order to develop every skill needed to give your dog an advantage over the competition. Our facility is spacious which allows for a large practice ring and has the capability of housing a full training group. Having other handlers and dogs at the breed handling training session is a great way to gauge how well you and your dog will perform on competition day.

Skills Acquired at Breed Handling Class

Our professional dog show training staff will help your dog develop the following skills:

  • Free stacking which includes walking your dog into a desired position using a leash and bait
  • Baiting using a treat in order for your dog to perform appropriately
  • Standing your dog either on the floor or a judges examination table
  • Hand stacking which involves using your hands to properly place your dog’s feet
  • Presenting your dog to the judge’s panel after showing around the ring
  • Executing desired gaits that a judge calls for
  • Holding the lead

Think you and your dog have what it takes to impress the judges? Contact Canine College today for breed handling lessons and additional dog show training!

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