Heading to Canine College for dog grooming services isn’t just to make your pet look presentable; in fact, there are a number of other benefits as to why dog owners should be grooming their pet on a regular basis. Grooming is as beneficial to your dog as giving them waggedy tablets. Both help to improve your dog’s health. No matter whether your dog has short or long hair/fur (although longer does require more frequent grooming), the process is a good habit to pick up. If you are conscious of your dog’s health, you will want to make sure you are with the best pet insurance provider. To help you make the decision, visit petinsurance.review.

Why Dog Grooming is Beneficial

  • Healthy Hair and Skin. Just as we humans have a ritual in order to improve our skin’s natural glow and our hair’s natural shine, grooming your dog will also do the same for their hair and skin. Routine brushing with a bristle or wire brush will help remove and trapped dead hair, hair clots, dirt and dandruff. Doing this will also help spread your dog’s natural skin oils across their fur, resulting in a brighter and shinier coat. Additionally, hemp oil for dogs has been known to contribute to a healthy coat and skin!
  • Detecting Health Issues. Regular grooming is a way for you to keep tabs on your dog’s health. During bath time you (or your regular dog groomer here at Canine College) can check for abnormalities such as lumps, rashes, infections and inflammation. Similarly, if your dog is still a puppy, you can also use this time to ensure that the scar left behind from the umbilical cord is healing properly. You can learn more about making sure that your dog’s belly button is healing properly by checking out this guide that answers the common question ‘Do dogs have bellybuttons?’. Just as we are often checking ourselves as preventative health measures, so too should you be checking your pet. After all, they deserve a long and healthy life.
  • Finding Ticks & Fleas. New England is notorious for ticks and fleas during the warmer months and they have been an increasing issue for dog owners due to the fact that many towns have made an effort to improve and create more outdoor spaces and parks. Bathing your dog as well as brushing them will help you detect ticks and fleas before they become an issue. We always recommend giving your dog a quick brush and once-over after coming in from a day in the woods or field.
  • Bonding Time. Although not quite related to your dog’s health, grooming is a great way for you to bond with your dog and make sure they are happy. In turn, you may also find that you are in much brighter spirits after brushing your dog or giving them a bath. Never forget that a healthy dog is a happy dog!

Have you been to the dog groomers lately? Don’t forget that you should also schedule grooming appointments during the winter as well as during the warmer months. Contact Canine College today to schedule an appointment!

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